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Thread: Hannah rides again

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    Review: Date: 1/22/10
    Provider: Hannah Hearte
    Phone or Pager: 832-418-1118
    Email Address:
    URL / Website:
    City: Houston
    State: Texas
    Area / Address: IAH
    Appointment Type: Outcall
    Provider Category: Independent
    Activities: lfk, daty, bbbj, cg, bbbjtc
    Session Length Scheduled: 1 hr
    Fee: $$4
    Total Paid: $$4
    Was Tipping or Upselling an issue? No
    Was the Description you were given accurate? Yes
    Hair Color and Length: Brown, mid-length
    Age: 33
    Race: caucasian
    Perfume/Fragrance: Fresh and all natural
    Smoking Status: Could not tell
    Where did you hear about this provider: ASPD
    Provider`s Body: Outstanding MM's, Gallery is accurate, except reality is even better
    What was the Provider's Attitude like? Great to see you again
    Hannah was (well, still is when she visits again) one of Houston's finest. A regular on Blowpop's top-ten list, and rightfully so, I was pleased to see her planned visit. Scheduling was easy, standard multiple call. Timing was a bit of a problem as I knew traffic would cause me to be late (past her "last appointment time") but she was accommodating as I explained in advance (could not leave work early)

    Upon arrival, she met me at the door with a welcoming hug and kiss. We caught up on "life" while I took a quick shower to remove any vestiges of work. Stepping out of the shower, she was there to help with a towel. Retiring to the bed, she stripped off the shirt she was wearing, showing that she still had all the right parts in all the right places. . .

    Seeing those perfect MM's I just had to see if they would melt in my mouth. Well, they didn't, but she did. She was quick to return the favor, showing how her lips knew their way across a man's body. In no time she had me at full attention, and I had to ask her to slow down. Deciding to take the initiative, I headed for DATY land, and was rewarded with sweet nectar and then bucking and kicking as she found her choir voice and shouted out in joy.

    As she recovered, she returned her attention to my now flagging member and made the beanstalk grow again. Once again, she rapidly shwed skills, both hand and mouth, making my pleasure rise and fall. I asked for the cover and she slowly climbed on, letting me experience every millimeter of entry. No two strokes alike, she rode for a while and then at my request returned to finish using her oratory skills.

    Having tested oral debating skills with many of those on Blowpop's famous top ten list, this session was a vivid reminder of why she belongs on that (and everyone else's ) list! Slow, fast, lots of hand action to build up, slow down, build back up, and then not being able to hold back any longer (but with adequate warning), I exploded. She did not stop or flinch, and she saw to it that I did not just peak, but she managed to balance my pleasure at the top for what seemed like eternity.

    But like all eternities, yes, this one had to come to an end as well, and that was with a warm washcloth. And so this dream ended until she comes back to town again. I only hope that there will be a bit of time left on her dance card for me on subsequent visits.

    Would you recommend this Provider to others? Yes, especially those with an opening on their ATF list

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    Thanks. seems that you really enjoyed your time!

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